Owning a Kona Dog Food Truck Franchise

Learn more about the Kona Dog Food Truck FranchiseSix steps to owning a Kona Dog Food Truck Franchise

1. Get started. Review the Kona Dog website to learn more about the food truck franchise opportunity. You’ll find many answers to your initial questions on our FAQs page. When you’re ready for more information, simply request a franchise kit.

2. Discuss the opportunity. Once you have submitted your information to us and expressed interest in the Kona Dog food truck franchise opportunity, a franchise staff member will send you a Franchise Kit with more details on owning your own truck (or trucks) and get in touch with you to discuss the opportunity.

Best Food Truck Franchise to buy3. Due diligence. Take lots of time to review the food truck franchise opportunity, research the industry and make sure to ask any questions you might have. It’s important to really understand the business and learn all that you can at one of our Discovery Day Events that are regularly held in markets across the region. Your franchise representative will provide you all the details and present you with a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) once you have done your due diligence.

4. Sign agreement. With your due diligence completed, and the decision to own a Kona Dog Food Truck franchise made, the next step is executing your franchise agreement.

5. Training. Now that you’re a Kona Dog Franchisee, your training will begin and you may start searching for a truck or trailer (if you haven’t already).

6. Opening. After you complete training and build out of your truck or trailer, it’s time to open! We’ll be with you all the way providing unheard of support from operations to marketing. Welcome to the Kona Dog family. Let’s roll!

Click here to learn more about the Kona Dog Food Truck Franchise and request your FREE information kit!

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