Kona Dog Menu

Kona Dog Menu

Kona Dog Menu

Hula Dog – Hawaiian style or traditional hot dog on Hawaiian sweet bread

Pulled Pork – Pulled pork with BBQ and Kona Sauce on Hawaiian sweet bread

Po’ Boy – Coconut shrimp, lettuce, Kona Sauce, fruit sauce, on Hawaiian sweet bread

Coconut Shrimp – Butterflied coconut shrimp with fruit dipping sauce

Kona Fries

Long Board Fries – Plain or with malt vinegar

Banzai Bacon Cheddar – Kona Sauce, cheddar cheese and bacon

Big Island BBQ – Pulled pork, BBQ and Kona Sauce

Pacific Parmesan – Kona Sauce, Parmesan cheese, chives

Spicy Maui – Spicy sauce, Parmesan cheese, jalapeños

Hawaiian Heat – Hot Kona Sauce, Parmesan cheese, chili pepper flakes


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