Hot Dog Franchise? Kona Dog History

Hot Dog Franchise: Learn more about the Kona Dog Food Truck FranchiseWhy a hot dog franchise makes sense (and dollars!)

“Kona Dog Authentic Hawaiian Style Hot Dogs” was established in 2009, by business savvy entrepreneurs, Doug and Julie Trovillion, always with a hot dog franchise on their minds.

Kona Dog Food Truck Franchise Founder Doug TrovillionFounder, Doug Trovillion

Independently, Doug and Julie had taken different paths in college. Doug graduated from the “Rinker School of Building Construction” at the University of Florida. After graduating, Doug did supervisory work in construction in South Florida. Within a few years, he started his own restoration construction company. Then, after 15 years of building a strong reputation in the restoration/construction industry, Doug began doing new construction and development. At the height of his construction career, he had designed, developed and constructed six, high-end multi-family projects.

Founder, Julie Trovillion

In contrast, Julie, graduated from a private liberal arts school in Michigan, Albion College, with a degree in Business and a second degree in Fine Arts. Upon graduation, Julie moved to Chicago and worked in advertising for three years and then sales for two years. In 1990, Julie relocated to Orlando, Florida, to become the Regional Director of Operations for a chain of miniature golf courses. After three years in operations, Julie was promoted to begin responsible for the advertising and marketing of 14 different courses.

Kona Dog Food Truck Franchise (29)Partners, Doug and Julie

In 1994, Doug and Julie got married in Orlando, and, over time, had four (wonderful) children. During this time, Doug and Julie worked independently. However, as Doug’s career progressed and the demands increased, Julie become more involved with his business. In an effort to compliment his construction and development company, Julie opened her own interior decorating firm. Her business did the interior decorating for sales centers, project models, and individual clients. After 26 successful years in the construction industry, the market became increasingly volatile and unreliable. Dough and Julie decided to take their knowledge and experience in a different direction: to start a secondary business, to supplement their income during the decline in the housing market. At this stage in their lives, they wanted to start a new business that would give them flexibility with their time, permit their children to become involved, utilize their expertise in marketing, and provide a create outlet. To this end, “Kona Dog Authentic Hawaiian Style Hot Dogs” and the Kona Dog Hot Dog Franchise was conceived.

Hot Dog Franchise Food Truck for saleKona Dog is born

The concept of Kona Dog was based upon a long history of “favorites” for Doug and Julie. The Trovillions had been visiting the Hawaiian Islands for more than 30 years. They had a keen appreciation, and appetite, for the Hawaiian cuisine that combined fresh fruits and sauces with a variety of meats. Hawaiian style hot dogs, in particular, were always a stable during vacations to Hawaii, as they were love by both adults and children alike.

The idea was that hot dogs are a a familiar fare to most everyone, and are considered to be an “All American” food. Statistics show that the average person consumes 65 hot dogs per year. Yes the Trovillions wanted to go beyond offering only traditional skinless hot dogs. In an effort to satisfy the trendy carnivore consumer, they would offer a unique sausage dog. And to please the organic vegetarian market, they would also offer a vegan-approve d veggie dog. The Kona Dog products would all be served in sweet Hawaiian bread with unique Hawaiian condiments, or with the option of traditional fixings for the more conservative customer. However, to make their product even more unique, the Trovillions would implement the use of an European system that pierces the bun at one end, allowing the hot dog and condiments to be inserted down into the bun, and eaten “vertically.” Thus, the concept of “Kona Dog” was created and now we’re the hottest hot dog franchise on the road today.

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