About Kona Dog Food Truck

Best Food Truck Franchise to buyWhat’s Kona Dog Food Truck all about? The tasty Hawaiian tradition of combining savory meats with the subtle sweetness of fruit was the inspiration for Kona Dog, a Hawaiian-style Hot Dog stand that first opened in the heart of Orlando’s tourist district. With fresh, locally-made sweetbread, custom fruit sauces and mustards, and premium quality meats, Kona Dog quickly gained popularity and respect. The Hula Dog served by Kona Dog is perfection from the first bite right down to the fruity end!

With humble beginnings in the heart of the International Drive corridor, Kona Dog started offering a respite from the hustle and bustle with a relaxing outdoor beach-hut atmosphere that felt nothing like the city.

We have evolved into a cult trend in the Central Florida area, with plans to expand beyond! We are spreading the aloha and our Kona Dogs everywhere we go! In fact, we are now franchising Kona Dog Food Trucks!

Kona Dog Food Truck Premium Products

A Hula Dog from a Kona Dog Food Truck is a premiumMost profitable food truck franchise to buy quality hot dog, sausage or veggie dog, served in a mini loaf of soft sweet bread, that has been pierced and toasted from the inside, and then filled with your choice of our unique Hawaiian Garlic Lemon Sauce, Hawaiian Fruit Sauces, and Tropical Mustards or choose from traditional styled condiments.

The unique flavor combination of Kona Dog is pure paradise… and truly brings “Aloha” to the mainland!


Kona Dog Food Truck Menu Hot Dog Franchise for saleKona Dog Food Truck is committed to creating the best tasting, Hawaiian-style hot dogs… using only the freshest and finest Hot Dog Franchise Food Truck for saleingredients.. and served in an enjoyable, aloha-friendly atmosphere! Our Specialized Hot Dogs have been recognized nationwide as THE most unique in taste, with sauces and varieties that make the taste buds tingle!

If you are looking for the ABSOLUTE BEST experience at your next event, we stand apart from the crowd. We have rave reviews from our clients, and look forward to seeing you at the next event!

Look for Kona Dog Food Truck on the road or at an event near you. We’re here, growing and feeding the aloha spirit everywhere we go!


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