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In 2009, Doug and Julie opened “Kona Dog Authentic Hawaiian Style Hot Dogs.” The restaurant was in a 15′ by 15′ outdoor, take-out-only “beach hut” located on International Drive in Orlando, Florida. During the first year of operations, the Trovillions were able to learn the ins and outs of the restaurant business. Kona Dog’s hot dogs became increasingly popular with locals migrating to the tourist area for the unique flavor, and tourists from all over the world visiting Kona Dog multiple times during their stary. Was a Hawaiian franchise far from Doug and Julie’s minds?

Kona Dog Food Truck Menu Hot Dog Franchise for saleAn Orlando “Hot Spot”

Kona Dog was recognized as one of Orlando’s “Hot Spots” as it reached #23 out of 1,381 restaurants in the greater Orlando area, according to Trip Advisor. With the huge popularity of the Kona Dog product, requests came in for catering options. Doug decided to purchase a trailer that could be used for private catering events, along with participating in organized food truck events. While operating both the restaurant and the “food truck,” Julie and Doug were able to see first hand the pros and cons of both businesses scenarios.

Kona Dog expands

After a year, they realized that they were satisfying nearly all of their original goals in a business: a business that would permit their children to become involved, utilize their expertise in marketing, and provide a creative outlet. However, it was not satisfying the “flexibility with their time.” Running the Kona Dog restaurant was requiring daily attention. It become clear that the Trovillions wanted to pursue running “Kona Dog” as solely a food truck operation. They elected to not renew the lease, and instead purchased a second food truck. Kona Dog also broadened its menu to include Hawaiian pulled pork, coconut shrimp and a variety of French fries with unique toppings. Kona Dog was now committed to making its mark on the food truck industry in Orlando, Florida! We’re getting closer and closer to their Hawaiian Franchise dreams!

Hawaiian Franchise: Kona Dog Food Truck Luaus Franchise BusinessKona Food Truck Luaus

Doug and Julie realized that they were in control of their destiny in the food truck industry. Doug established “Kona Food Truck Luaus” in 2013, as a means to effectively develop and promote food truck events. The food truck industry was fairly new to Central Florida, with approximately 20 trucks entering the market in 2010-2011. Prior to this time, there were a handful of food trucks that parked in the same location, and hoped for drive-by traffic to stop for a meal or snack. In 2011, food trucks began to “organize” and started to arrive in small packs of 3-8 trucks in specific locations. Most of these events were minimally promoted. After Doug had built relationships with the majority of the food truck owners, he decided to start his own events.

His first event was “Windermere Family Food Truck Night” in Windermere, Florida. This event became the single most successful food truck event in the greater Orlando area, featuring more than 15 trucks and entertainment. Doug continued to use this formula from coast to coast. He organized food truck events for municipalities, neighborhood communities, churches, schools, non-profit organizations and special events over the past several years. During this time, his “food truck following” has grown substantially, as followers look to his promotions to find food truck events. To day, Doug works with more than 90 food truck owners in Central Florida and hosts 16 monthly events.

Fastest growing food truck franchise kona dogFood trucks roll on with consistent growth

Overall, the mobile food truck industry is in its seventh year of consistent growth, and Kona Dog, specifically, has become one of Orlando’s top three trucks in the industry. While food trucks may not be a new concept in the food service industry, the fact remains that the food truck segment is still growing, as food trucks offer gourmet-style dishes at fast food prices! The best part is that there is still plenty of room for additional growth throughout the United States. Many cities across the country are still trying to determine how to regulate the industry, but many of them have started leaning towards fair ordinances that allow vendors to flourish. According to Intuit’s research report, “Food Trucks Motor into the Mainstream,” food trucks will continue to enjoy the profitable trend it experienced from 2007 to 2012. As a matter of fact, they predict that the industry will generate about $2.7 billion in revenue by 2017, which is a massive 400% increase from the National Restaurant Association’s 2012 revenue estimate of $650 million.

Food trucks are here to stay

Food trucks are not a fad, they are here to stay, and have become a phenomenon! Kona Dog as become an established leader in the industry, operating successful food trucks, marketing food truck events, and developing new events in the greater Orlando Community.

Yet breaking into the industry and running a successful food truck operation requires knowledge, experience and expertise — Kona Dog Food Truck Franchise offers that to franchisees. If you’re going to own a franchise, why not make it an Hawaiian franchise?

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